How To Wash Down Comforter Properly

The Down comforter is the most favorited and popular item for the deep sleep wanted with many advantages besides warmer sleep during the night. It fits any fabric. However, it gets dirtier easily which surely need regular care. Many manufacturers label their product with dry cleaning suggestion. However, you can wash your down comforter happily at your home. Here are some steps to follow how to take care of it.



  • So what you need to do is keep your eyes on the comforter. When your down is used for several times longer without any cleaning section, you might leave it with the undesirable condition including mold, dust, stains and rips. The regular comforter is made from the fluffy undercoating of duck, geese, and others. When you find the fabric torn, go sewing it. Thread it and note each dirty
  • It is suggested to clean it every few years. Take the dry cleaning once a year is enough when it is under normal circumstances. Some manufacturers give warning by not to dry clean the down too much since it will damage the interior. Having too heaving cleaning section will reduce the natural oil. It will also shrink the interior.
  • Don’t wash the comforter while it is on the mattress. You need to bring it to a dry, clean place which is water resistant just like the bathroom, patio or a laundry room. It is purposed to protect your comforter broken.
  • Notice the duvet cover. It is usually available to any size of down. When you apply the duvet cover to your down, when you spot the dirt, you just need to put off the duvet cover and clean it without taking the down off from the mattress.

Washing the down comforter

  • When you want to wash the comforter, it tends to be a bulky thing that you must provide the bulkier machine to do the job. The top-loading machine, this will stress the fabric. So, the only solution is to take it to the laundromat for a heavy duty washing.
  • For washing the comforter, you will need the mild detergent and the warm water. Submerge it as completely as you can. Don’t hesitate to add bleach for the white comforter and let the machine work first before you load the down comforter. Once you have finished, don’t forget to rinse it twice to ensure your comforter is really clean.
  • The last section of washing the down is getting it dried which will need a longer time. Lay it under the sunny area to minimize the down damage.

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