A Guide to Choose a Sectional Sofa

Why we need a sectional sofa? Is it the best option? This kind of questions fills your mind when you are choosing a new sofa. You are not sure about this type of sofa. It is great but you are afraid of the possibility of having a wrong choice. Well, you do not have to be panicked. There are some beneficial tips for you. Of course, you will get the needed information. Before making a decision, you should know some facts about the sectional sofa.

All About Sectional Sofa


This family-friendly sofa consists of some components. Here are the most common configurations. There is left-hand facing chair, armless love seat, right-hand facing chair, corner chair, left-hand facing chaise, right-hand facing chaise, left-hand facing love seat, right-hand facing love seat, left-hand facing sectional and right-hand facing sectional. From the component, you also have to know the orientation of the sectional sofa. The easiest way to determine the orientation is by looking at the piece that coming towards you. There are some types to know such as left-hand facing, right-hand facing, symmetrical and reversible.

It is also important to know the design of sectional sofa. There is stationary design. It does not have any added features and moving parts. Some parts of this sofa can be detached but it cannot be reconfigured. Next, there is reclining design in which one or more than one seats recline. The next design is called modular design. This is a flexible design. You can arrange the seats based on your needs. Changing from the long form into the shorter form is not a problem at all. There is a unique design for those who need a sectional sofa and a bed at the same time. You only have to pull out the bed and the mattress that are stored within the sofa. Furthermore, there is convertible sectional design. This type also enables you to convert the sofa to a bed. The cushions are the mattress.

Shopping the Sectional Sofa

While picking the best sectional sofa for your home, there are many things to consider. First, you have to know the number of people you will accommodate with that sofa. Of course, this sofa can accommodate a large group of the crowd. Consider the available space for the sofa. Moreover, you have to know the purpose of having the sofa. Is it for parties or watching football matches with your buddies? You will choose the design that meets you need. A sofa for relaxing and watching TV is different with a sofa for a conversation. In addition, do not forget to consider the shape of your space. It helps you a lot in choosing the shape of the sofa. The L-shaped sofa is a perfect combo for a bigger room. Meanwhile, the U-shaped sectional sofa is a great option for a smaller room. It creates the intimate seating area.

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